Saturday, May 31, 2003

Demo: Windy Night (Demo 1)

Windy Night
Demo 1
May 31, 2003

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Alright. Here's a little demo, show you what's going on.

Ferry night, stel—
Oops, wrong song, try that again.

Windy night, stars and the sky
Moon is bright, look up and cry
Eyes are grey
Await the day

Shadows move behind the trees...

Instruments: Martin Backpacker.

This is my third songwriting attempt, after Everytime and Because. I had a cold when I recorded this, which doesn't necessarily excuse my utterly untrained voice...

The first thing I have to point out about this song is that my original plan was to write it in a constructed language — one which I was sort of designing on the fly, with vocabulary extrapolated from common Indo-European roots, and intended to look/sound a lot like English (note that, stunningly, the word for "night" is night). I eventually ran out of patience and just wrote the lyrics in English — but, having just switched over, I was confused enough to start singing the wrong words before correcting myself.

So, now that we've established that this song is not about fairies, what else can we glean from this demo? I actually just recorded this so I wouldn't forget what I was doing, and so I could let my friend Ray take a listen (which is why I'm talking to the microphone — I don't usually do that... much).

The last half minute of jumbled strumming actually represents the original source of the music — a little two-chord strumming jam I made up while I was still taking my beginning guitar class a couple years earlier.

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