Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Demo: Everytime (Demo 1 Remix)

Demo 1 Remix
Recorded May 14/19, 2003; Remixed August 28, 2003

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Everytime you go walking by,
It's like I just get crushed,
I find it hard to think
About anything else around me;
My heart is light and my temples pounding..

Everytime that I look at you,
I start to brush with feelings that I
Never knew that I had before;
My tongue is tied and my eyes are sore,
But I had to say that I just adore you..

Everytime that I see you now,
It all comes rushing back to me again;
Always wanna be at your side,
My head is high and the thoughts collide;
Always gotta be there with you,
My mind's made up and the doubts are few,
And whatever time may put me through,
I'll always feel the same for you..

Influences: Weezer.
Instruments: Martin Backpacker.

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