Monday, May 19, 2003

Demo: Because (Demo 2)

Demo 2
May 19, 2003

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If the light from the window is making you weep,
The sidewalks are bare and you're struggling to sleep,
Then why is it some people smile at the dawn?
It's all clear to me but I'm not letting on.

The world's turning east but the wind's to the west,
And in all of your time here you couldn't have guessed
If the sun is so bright why the sky is still blue;
Well, I know the answer but I'm not telling you.

If you feel like you're wasting the time of your life,
You tally your days in the wall with a knife,
Then how come the good times are fresh in your brain?
Don't ask me to say when the cause is so plain.

When a girl and her man fall in love and take flight,
And her friends left behind think it couldn't be right,
If you feel so deserted, why care for them still?
I know the reason, and someday you will.

And why is it everyone acts as they do?
I'd tell you why but I haven't a clue.

Influences: Syd Barrett.
Instruments: Martin Backpacker.

The day after recording the first demo, I made a few changes — I inserted the third verse, and made a slight change to the wording of the last. The third verse fits well with the first two, and helps establish a more solid theme, which is apparently about living with depression — although I wasn't really feeling depressed when I wrote it.

As should be apparent, my vocals at this point are neither pretty nor very well settled. So, if it hurts too bad, you can always stop the audio. This holds true for most of my early demos :)

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