Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Demo: Windy Night (Demo 2)

Windy Night
Demo 2
June 10, 2003

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Windy night, stars and the sky
Moon is bright, look up and cry
Eyes are grey
Await the day

Shadows move behind the trees
As the ground begins to freeze
Auburn hair
Floats through the air

Drifting down among the leaves
Gazing there, back to the breeze
Stand for a while
Tender a crimson smile

Turn around and let it pass
To the yard, lay on the grass
Shades are drawn
Sleep till the wild red dawn

Instruments: Dean Exotica QSE Acoustic/Electric Guitar.

This one's still pretty rough. First demo with the completed lyrics.  The last verse introduces a temporary key change, and the ending leaves off the wild strumming that was in the previous demo.  Vocals are still kind of shoddy.

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