Sunday, May 18, 2003

Demo: Because (Demo 1)

Demo 1
May 18, 2003

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If the light from the window is making you weep,
The sidewalks are bare and you're struggling to sleep,
Then why is it some people smile at the dawn?
It's all clear to me but I'm not letting on.

The world's turning east but the wind's to the west,
And in all of your time here you couldn't have guessed
If the sun is so bright why the sky is still blue;
Well, I know the answer but I'm not telling you.

Well, a girl and her man fell in love and took flight;
Her friends left behind thought it couldn't be right.
If you feel so deserted, why care for them still?
I know the reason, and someday you will.

And why is it everyone acts as they do?
I'd tell you why but I haven't a clue.

Influences: Syd Barrett.
Instruments: Martin Backpacker.

I started writing this not too long after recording my first song, Everytime (incidentally, quelling my initial concern that I might actually never write more than one song). I sort of started out with the idea that there were already enough songs asking questions... So I wanted to put the singer in charge of the answers — except that the closing line actually pretty much betrays that whole concept...

I at first pictured this being in the vein of some of Syd Barrett's trite and sardonic jams. I can't really say for sure where I came up with the ridiculous accent I'm singing in, though.

The last verse is a reference to a shakeup among some of my high school friends, and it was eventually removed in a later version, as the theme of the song evolved.

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