Thursday, May 24, 2007

GSnap Messing

GSnap Messing
May 24, 2007

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Instruments: GVST GSnap + FL Studio, Whistling, Vocals.

I can't remember what my original motivation was for getting GVST GSnap — other than the obvious use it could have for tweaking vocal pitch flubs, though as it turns out I'm too heavy-handed of a producer to do something so subtle. So, in order to explore what I could actually do with GSnap, I made this. First I laid down the droning vocals in the background — a good old "ohhhhmmmwaaahhoohhmmwwwaah", technically describable as modulating the formant spectrum of my voice by slowly wembling my lips. Those were run through GSnap and pinned to one invariant pitch.

So, whistling ended up kind of cool. Very world-music sounding. Not immediately obvious that it's human whistling. I started out with the whistling locked to a couple pitches, then switched it up to an F major scale.

Ah, this might explain part of my motivation. I heard a song by They Might Be Giants, called Bastard Wants to Hit Me that used Auto-Tune (or something akin to it). So when the vocals come in on this, around 0:56, the line "He says he knows me, but I don't know that guy..." is from that song. Then I switch to singing the first verse of another They Might Be Giants song, Hope That I Get Old Before I Die.

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