Saturday, January 1, 2000


About Me

I know you must be dying to see the face behind the music — eh, although I suppose you might also have stumbled upon this post without hearing any of the songs and other recordings I've posted...  In which case, you can always come back later.

For the rest of you:

Hi. I'm Kevin T. Bowman. The T is To Tell you that I'm noT To be confused with The Cowboy That Never Was.  Maybe someday I'll come up with a stage name that's to die for, but in the meantime, please talk to the T.

About the Blog

Although I've had another music site up and running for a few years, I decided that converting it into a blog would a) save me a lot of effort in the long run; 2) make it easier for you to navigate and leave comments; and d) expose more of the world to my obscure Home Alone references.

You'll notice that, although I just started the blog in late 2009, the posts date back several years.  The rule of thumb is that for audio posts, I've backdated them to the time when they were originally produced.  That will give you a sense of chronology.

Another way to sort out the kinds of songs and recordings you want to hear is to use the label cloud on the sidebar.  If you want to hear instrumentals, there's a label. If you want to hear some modified vocals, or song demos, or some more polished productions, there are labels for those too.

Happy listening!

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